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NFL teams enter the preseason with their fingers crossed, Jordy Nelson Jerseysknowing that nothing is more important than emerging from their practice games with minimal injuries. They are, however, inevitable. We'll spend the summer tracking the major ailments to arise during the games themselves. To be clear, this list won't include injuries that are suffered in practice.

Here are the most notable from Week 1 of the 2017 preseason:

Prognosis: McMillan will miss the season. Aaron Rodgers JerseysA second-round draft choice, McMillan was expected to be the Dolphins' starting middle linebacker. But he suffered the injury Thursday night against the Atlanta Falcons while covering a punt -- and before he took a single defensive snap.

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Prognosis: The NFL concussion protocol is different for each player, Bart Starr Jerseysso there is no way to estimate how much time Randall will miss. But it was an unfortunate start for a player who missed six games last season because of a groin injury. Penciled in as a starter for 2017, Randall will be replaced in the meantime by rookie Kevin King. The injury occurred Thursday night, when Philadelphia Eagles receiver Bryce Treggs delivered a blow to his head.

Prognosis: Murphy, who notched a career-high nine sacks in 2016, will miss the season. Of course, he already was suspended for the first four games because he violated the NFL's policy on performance-enhancing substances. Clay Matthews JerseysBy league rules, Murphy can serve the suspension while on injured reserve, so he will be clear to return for Week 1 of the 2018 season. That's assuming he is healthy and has signed with a team; Murphy is a pending free agent.

Prognosis: Cravens, expected to start at strong safety, will miss two or three weeks after the knee forced him from Thursday night's preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens. Cravens has a history of knee issues.

Prognosis: Winn will miss the season. Eddie Lacy JerseysHe was expected to play a key role in the Broncos' defensive rotation after re-signing in the offseason, but he suffered the injury Thursday night in the first quarter of the preseason opener against the Chicago Bears.

Prognosis: Sankey will miss the season and has been waived/injured. Randall Cobb JerseysHe had been working as the Vikings' No. 2 running back behind Dalvin Cook, in part because of Latavius Murray's offseason ankle surgery, but had a decent chance to make the team.

Prognosis: Hyder would miss the season if those fears are realized, a big blow to a defense that was intending to use him in a prominent role after a breakout 2016 season. Hyder came from practice squad obscurity to record eight sacks in 2016 and was getting first-team work at defensive end in the absence of Ziggy Ansah, who is on the physically unable to perform list.

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